For Buyers

It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand the needs and concerns of buyer clients. It takes someone who has been there, someone who has the same concerns when they’re home shopping.

I don’t want to minimize the technical aspects of the home buying process though. Every year it becomes more complex. Between government legislation, environmental laws, mortgage documentation requirements and the legal aspects of a home purchase, the home buyer must be on top of all aspects of the process, or be helped by a professional.

I’m here to assist buyers in the Denver real estate markets, and there’s plenty to do.

Search Homes Right Now
What's on the Market?There’s no better time and no better place to start your online home search than right here on this search page. I’m providing access to thousands of listings in the Denver real estate markets. You won’t miss a single listing.
Locating the Right Property For You
MLS-Search-Assistance2I help my buyers understand the many fields of information in a listing search. I guide them in making the most of searches with thousands of listings.
Let Me Find Your Dream Home
How We Market Your Home OnlineWhat do you see when you visualize your dream home? I ask you this, as it’s important that we see the same dream. I realize that the very best way to assist my real estate buyers to locate precisely the right home is to put myself into my buyer clients’ shoes.
Receive Listings By Email
Proper-List-Pricing2While you can come to my site’s search page every day and search for new listings that could be your dream home, there’s a far better and more efficient way to get the job done. Click to find out more.
Getting the Best Financing
FinancingAs tough as it is these days to get a mortgage, I know the best sources in the Denver real estate markets. I will help you to contact mortgage professionals who have been very helpful to my past clients.
Inspections and Repair Negotiations
Inspections-Repair-NegotiationsPrice isn’t the only negotiation, as there will be property inspections and you may need to enter into more negotiating around property condition and repairs. I am an expert at this.
Price Negotiations
Price NegotiationsBuyers shouldn’t walk into a deal unarmed. I arm you with market data to help you to understand the buyer and seller sides and formulate an offer price negotiation strategy.
Contract to Closing
Contract SignatureIt’s both exciting and stressful negotiating a real estate purchase contract. Once it’s signed by the sellers, buyers can relax a bit, but I can’t. There are still more negotiations, document deliveries, inspections, title details and mortgage tasks to be accomplished to reach a successful closing and walk away with the keys to your new real estate property.